To fulfill the goals, mission and vision of the organization is very important that the staff working for this company, have, exercise and comply with the following values:


As members of the organization recognize the importance of providing a dignified and cordial in every contact. Warm and build lasting relationships with both internal and external customers and comply with the agreed arrangements.


We encourage the balance between personal and professional affairs and obligations, promoting adequate, timely and reliable fulfillment of commitments. We fulfill our duties with accuracy, quality and timeliness, focused on exceeding the expectations of our internal and external customers.

We are known for acting in a vertical, upright, truthful and consistent with the principles of the organization. Use and make good use of the resources allocated having achieving optimum performance.


We know and we are aligned with the goals, vision and mission of the organization in order to contribute to sustained growth over time.


We care about supporting others, either peers, superiors, colleagues or customers. We strive to meet your needs or requirements quickly and help solve their problems or concerns.


Ingasa is a Panamanian company dedicated to facilities specialized systems in construction projects. Founded in 1984, with the name of Facilities Garcia, S.A. by Mr. Bernardino García who at that time saw the opportunity to create a company that would meet the needs that were presented in the growing construction industry.

In 1996 it changed its name to Engineering Garcia y Asociados, S. A, and initiates a plan to expand its services nationwide participating in the construction of major works throughout the country such as: hospitals, ports, oil storage, hotels, residential projects, among others.

In 2002 the group, is the company Fire Protection Engineering, S.A (INPROISA) specializing in the design, supply and installation of fire protection systems, under the rules and standards of the National Fire Protection Association NFPA company. Certifying a group of our engineers and specialists in fire protection.

Today GROUP Ingasa, offers a full range of design, consulting and installation of Hidrosanitarias Networks, wet fire protection systems, pumping equipment and urban infrastructure.

We have a large number of qualified installers, led by a team of qualified technical supervisors in the field, in order to provide high quality services to the level of the great works that are currently being built in Panama.


Providing engineering solutions for efficient management and use of water, making techniques, efficient and high quality facilities. We focus on providing and ensure optimal results by using new technologies and qualified human talent.


In Ingasa, we pursue consolidate our position as industry leader in the domestic and regional markets by diversifying our activities in related high-growth and business potential for success. In order to contribute to the progress of our country, the growth of our employees and community development where we operate.



Having qualified personnel qualified to provide and ensure quality in all our facilities.

continuously train our staff in order to contribute to their personal and professional growth, contributing to transcend their achievements in business and society.

Maintain a good working environment respectful, friendly and reliable that promotes innovation, integration and teamwork with our partners and allies of our business.

Development of project contracts within the deadlines, technical specifications and set budgets.

Ensure the implementation of projects with high quality standards.

Develop and implement controls and processes that ensure minimal errors in our facilities and projects.

Provide supervision and instill continues in all our projects in order to ensure quality in each work.

Contribute to the success and satisfaction of our customers meeting their requirements in terms of performance, quality and guarantees.

Be updated and a step ahead of our competitors, in order to maintain competitiveness and positioning in the construction industry.